Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No obligation

209.0 (eh)
One of the risks of daily weighing: the scale goes up & down a lot. I actually had a really good eating day, right up until dinner, and I drank lots of water. . . probably about 3 liters. But then last night I ate out and had chicken enchiladas in a cream sauce with a margarita. So I'd venture to say that's why I "gained" 2.2 lbs since yesterday.
I'd planned to hit the grocery store for some healthy food after work last night, but then I got a call from a Tucson friend who was in Mesa for some training. So instead of shopping and going home, I drove out to meet her for dinner. It was good to see her and catch up.
MM text'd me yesterday afternoon. Awww. First message, he just text'd to say hi and see how I was doing. After a few messages back and forth, he had arranged to see me on Wednesday evening. So I'll be seeing him again in about 36 hours.
Of course, he is not obliged to contact me every day. . . . but it usually works out that way nonetheless. (We have gone a day or two without talking or texting since our second date, but that's it.) When I think about "our arrangement," it kind of makes me laugh. Aside from the lack of commitment--which is a little beside the point, since both of us have said we have no interest in dating others--the only thing different about our relationship from a typical boyfriend/girlfriend one is its title.
Also, I am no novice at dating. Hell, I am 36 years old, and I've never married. I have been with my fair share of men. And I can tell that MM is totally into me.
Just for a reality check, I have run some of his behaviors past some neutral observers (J, a married friend at work, and a couple of single girlfriends). All concur that the guy is into me. I mean, it's just obvious. On Saturday, he told me twice that I was "beautiful." Now I am by no means ugly or plain, but I am not beautiful. Pretty, maybe. I'm only beautiful if you're into me. ;-)
The little things he does lead me to believe his interest in me is more than casual. Just to share a few. . . last Thursday at the movies, he was playing with my hair--twirling it around his finger & such--and he actually kissed a strand of it. When we went to the hockey game, he brought a hoodie sweatshirt for me to wear without my even asking because he thought I'd be cold otherwise. And don't even get me started on our pillow talk. I have learned more about this man just lying in bed with him the past two weekends than I probably would have learned in another 10 dates. He has told me quite a lot of personal stuff. . . some of it quite unflattering. In my experience, men don't generally confess embarrassing stuff to you if they're just keeping things light and fun.
Well, whatever. It works for him, and it's working for me, too. Right now I just want to be with MM; I don't care what label we put on it.
Today is Mom's last day in town. We are going out to a yummy nearby BBQ place for dinner. Afterwards I need to clean up the apartment in preparation for MM's visit tomorrow. Wednesday evening will be his first time coming to my place and his first time meeting Sebastian. I am a little anxious about how badly allergic to Sebastian he will be. Well, we'll see.