Friday, October 12, 2007

Date #5

I went out on my 5th date with MM last night and had a good time. We went out to one of my favorite local pizza places, then saw Eastern Promises (which was quite good, though graphically violent).
I'd kind-of thought that once we had sex, things would change between us. I figured MM would be less affectionate, less considerate. . . . because oftentimes with men, these behaviors are a ploy to get a woman into their beds.
Not so with MM. If anything, he is more affectionate and sweeter to me now than before. Awww. We could barely keep our hands off each other during the movie. I thought that would subside a bit, too, once we slept together, but it shows no signs of abating. I feel like I'm 16 years old when I'm with him! It's crazy.
Conversation between us continues to be easy, and we are both keeping things light. Obviously we are getting more comfortable with each other, too, since we're getting to know each other better. He is not a perfect person, but then neither am I. . . . and I wouldn't expect him to be. Perfection is boring: I like to know a person's flaws. I think you really love someone for his/her faults, not necessarily the good points. I know I think fondly of all my friends' particular quirks, and vice versa.
Actually, I am beginning to think that he and I are a lot alike in some ways. Thirty minutes after I'd returned home from the date--which would be right about the time he'd be arriving home--he called me. He called because, on the drive home, he started getting concerned that something he'd done toward the end of the date had offended me. He thought I might be mad at him and wanted to apologize. The irony of the situation was that I was in no way offended or angry.
I had to laugh when I got off the phone because it was totally the kind of thing I'd do. I assured MM that if and when he makes me angry, he won't have to wonder about it because he'll know for sure that I'm mad. LOL When it comes to anger, I don't play those subtle passive games that most women play. Men are always made aware if they've pissed me off.
Even though I wasn't mad or offended, I found his call touching and sweet. He said he was all worried that I'd "never go out on another date with him." As if! We will be seeing each other again on Saturday. We've pretty much left our plans open-ended; the only thing I know for sure we'll be doing is spending the night at his place. . . . ;-)
I still feel all giddy when I think of him. When I stop and think logically about this, I wonder what the hell I'm doing. When the rise is like this has been, the fall is usually devastating. Ah well. I'm still going there. . . . I just won't think logically about it. LOL
(Later. . . . ) Upon re-reading this post, I thought: do I have nothing else going on in my life besides MM?? One would certainly think so from reading this blog over the past few weeks! The fact of the matter is, I still have the same full life I had before. I'm enjoying my job and learning more every day; I still spend time with my friends here and keep up with my many far-flung friends, too; Mom is here until next Wednesday; and I can't wait to see my baby nephew at Thanksgiving.
I added this to my post to remind myself that, no matter where things go with MM, my life is full of good things that have absolutely zero to do with him. I am blessed, with or without this man in my life. Much as I am enjoying my relationship with MM on every level, I am complete without him. If (when?) things go south with MM, this will be a very good thing for me to bear in mind.