Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Woohoo carrots


I realized this morning that I am now back to approximately the same weight I was at when I started Weight Watchers in January 2003. It's somewhat distressing that I am just now back to where I started then. . . but at the same time, I'm pretty happy because my weight is no longer going up, up, up. I can't believe that I let myself get up to nearly 235 before taking control again. Ugh. I can partially blame the months I was on Zoloft, but not entirely. It feels good to be back on track.

I've had a very good past 24 hours. I had no breakfast yesterday, opting for a nonfat caffe mocha from Starbucks instead (bad, I know). Yesterday's lunch was just a turkey sandwich on rye, no mayo, with fruit salad. I had a few saltines with peanut butter in the afternoon (and one mini Hershey bar), as well as a 3/4 oz piece of lowfat cheddar cheese. Dinner was one of my Jenny Craig entrees, followed by a Jenny snack at bedtime.

As planned, I also exercised yesterday evening. I tried out the exercise room at my new apartment complex. I spent 10 minutes on the (crappy) elliptical trainer, then 10 minutes on the stationary bike. Aside from the bike and elliptical, there is a decent treadmill and a few weight machines. It's not the greatest equipment, and it was God-awful hot in there, but it'll do for now. (I'd rather avoid the expense of a separate gym membership unless it's necessary.) I also did some crunches and push-ups after my little aerobic workout. I couldn't really do many, though. :(

This morning I took the dog for a brisk 20-minute walk before work and started the day with a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with raspberries & 1% milk (in addition to the now obligatory nonfat caffe mocha). My energy level is quite high this morning, and I'm feeling good about myself.

Lunch today will be out, as I am going to a deposition with one of the partners and we'll likely eat on the way over. So I'm not sure what I'll have, but I'm confident I'll be able to make a good choice. Dinner will be a pizza from Trader Joe's, assuming my oven is now working. Grrrr. . .

Once it cools off. . . . whenever that may be, probably October. . . I'd like to start jogging again. I really enjoyed it when I did it back in 2003/4. Sebastian loved it, too. I don't want to run/jog until/unless my weight is under 200 lbs, so for now, I'll stick to walking & the elliptical. Maybe I can be under 200 by October 1st! Actually, I think that is quite doable.

Not much else to tell here. I didn't even get home until nearly 7 pm; then I spent most of the evening reviewing some deposition testimony. Exciting life I lead. LOL Well, I guess I can't be a social butterfly all the time.


Anonymous said...

I like to tune in here every week to see that number get lower and lower and lower and lower...you are doing so well!