Monday, July 30, 2007

Good triumphs over evil

211.6 (hmmm)
I dug out my scale yesterday afternoon as I was unpacking and weighed myself. It said 213.0, but I didn't believe it. . . I even moved it to a few different areas of the bathroom floor, thinking "this can't be right."
This morning, I am even lower, so I guess the scale was right. I'm by no means complaining; I'm just a little perplexed at how I have managed to lose weight over the past week or so. I've been drinking lots of coffees with sugar, cream, & chocolate syrup, eating very few veggies, and getting little exercise. On the whole, I haven't been overeating per se, just not doing all the things I usually need to do to lose weight. I've even been--gasp!--drinking alcohol: two margaritas on Thursday night and a glass of wine on Saturday. Ah well.
I am going to get back on track this week with my Jenny Craig eating plan and exercise. Today after work, I am going to try out the exercise room at my apartment complex to see if that will meet my needs. If it's not adequate, I'll need to join a gym and will probably join one near work. . . that way I could work out at lunch sometimes if I wanted to. I'm also going to hit the grocery store and buy some fruits and vegetables, among other things. I need 'em!
All my stuff got moved to Phoenix on Saturday. I had a variety of small things go wrong: the apartment complex office opened a little late; I twisted my ankle walking down the stairs (it still hurts a little); I had to re-route my drive due to an accident, adding time to my drive; then the movers arrived early; and, finally, I got a ticket for making a right turn on red where I wasn't supposed to. The traffic ticket was the funniest part, in retrospect: the officer pulled me over right in front of my house, and the movers stood in the driveway watching--on my dime--as he wrote my ticket. Grrr. . .
To top it off, there had been a huge monsoon storm in Tucson, and the streets in midtown were all flooded, so I had to take an alternate route to get downtown and clear out my P.O. box. As it turned out, I only trailed the movers by 5 minutes, despite these delays. Everything got unloaded, and so far it looks as though nothing got broken. So no real complaints.
I am getting unpacked. The kitchen is done, except for a box of pots & pans that I found after I'd declared I was finished. LOL Most of my clothes are where they should be, and I've made a start on organizing my bathroom. So far, so good.
Aside from my move, not too much else happened this weekend. Friday night I relaxed at home and read Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. Yesterday afternoon I went with J to see The Simpsons movie. And last night I finished Harry Potter. I thought it was pretty good. I won't comment more on it in case anyone reading this hasn't read it yet.
Side note about J: I can't decide whether he likes me as a friend or more. I've finally arrived at the conclusion that the reason *I* can't decide is that *he* can't decide. I freely admit that I am obsessive about men. . . but I am not generally a waffler. I usually make up my mind how I think things are and stick with that until/unless proven wrong. Though he has given me no definitive, unequivocal sign of romantic interest, he has given me *some* reason to think that his interest goes beyond merely friendship. BUT since I just want us to be friends--at least for now--I am going to continue operating on the assumption that that is what we are. It's working for me for now. :)