Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A really great day

What makes a really great day? I suppose any one event, if it is of sufficient magnitude or importance, can make or break your day. Usually for me, it is a aggregation of events that make my day a great one.
Yesterday was just that kind of day. I feel the need to immortalize it here because days like this just do not come along as regularly as I might like. . . . :)
I started my new job yesterday. Everyone I met at the office was nice, friendly, and helpful. There is a very congenial atmosphere there. One of the nurse/legal consultants actually had her dog (a very cute Schnauzer) in the office for a few hours.
Immediately upon my arrival, there were tasks that needed my attention. I have often been annoyed/bored by the common practice of starting a job and having nothing meaningful to do for the first week or so. . . therefore I was happy to have work waiting for me to do.
I spent a mostly enjoyable day getting oriented to my surroundings, accompanying another lawyer to court, and reviewing files needing immediate action or attention.
At 5:15, an awesome monsoon storm started. I was able to see and hear the torrential rain right outside my window as I worked. I love the summer storms here!
After work, I headed over to KH's house to visit her and her new baby. On the drive over, I talked to J. We had an enjoyable conversation and made plans to meet Thursday after work for drinks & maybe dinner.
KH's little baby was adorable! It was fun to meet him, and she looked great and seemed to be doing very well.
I had text & email messages from several friends throughout the day wishing me well. I had a nice chat with E on the way home from KH's. C and I made plans to meet for dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants tonight after work. Then KC & I spent the rest of the evening hanging out and chatting until I went to bed.
All in all, a wonderful day. Not because of any one thing, but because nothing went wrong and many things went right. I have a good job, with generous pay, real responsibilities, and friendly colleagues; I have good friends who care about me and more social activities going this week than I usually have in three weeks; the glories of nature; and I got to hold and cuddle an adorable baby. If Sebastian had been with me, it would've been a perfect day! :)