Thursday, July 26, 2007

Far too short

It is probably obvious to anyone who reads this blog that I love my Golden Retriever, Sebastian, very much. Despite seeming tough on the outside, I actually have a very loving and caring aspect to my personality for which I have few outlets. Because I am childless (and will likely remain so), I have lavished much affection on my dog.
My first week back in Phoenix has gone well so far, except for the fact that I miss my boy. Yesterday I got a periodic update from the website of author Dean Koontz--another Golden lover. The email included an announcement that Koontz's Golden Trixie had to be put to sleep on June 30th due to a tumor in her heart.
I know I'm a big dork, but reading that Trixie had died and Koontz's tribute to her brought tears to my eyes. It made me contemplate how I will feel some day when Sebastian dies. A horrible thing to contemplate! It's a sad thing how short a dog's life is. And thinking about it made me miss Sebastian even more.
I talked to KW on Tuesday night, and apparently Sebastian has been a bit of a naughty boy at her house. Two mornings in a row, he escaped from the backyard and ran all over the neighborhood before KW could catch him. She thought her backyard was secure, but he found a little opening in the back wall that he can just fit through if he shimmies.
I have certainly been keeping myself busy. In addition to having jumped in with both feet at work, I have seen at least one friend every evening this week. It's been fun!
Last night after work, I went to Macy's in hopes of finding something more flattering to wear to work today. (I am meeting J for drinks directly after work, so that--rather than impressing anyone in the office--is my true motive for wanting to look cute.) I didn't find anything that made me look hot, but I did buy a fabulous Jones New York pantsuit that was marked down to 77% off the original price! The top that came with the suit is sleeveless and not very flattering; because I know I am likely to take off my jacket while out with J, I decided not to wear it today. But I am psyched that I got such a great deal.
My eating has been pretty bad this week: I have had lunch out every day and dinner out two of three nights. I brought my lunch today, but I will likely end up having dinner with J tonight, too, so that's another night eating out. Also, I've been snacking some at work; the firm provides pretzels, crackers & peanut butter, & Goldfish. And I've been drinking coffee with real sugar because the firm doesn't stock Splenda (& I hate Sweet n Low).
I've also been doing zero exercise. It's really been too hot and humid, even in the early mornings, to exercise outdoors, and I do not belong to a gym here. Once I get moved into my apartment, I can exercise in their (small) facility.
I am actually looking forward to getting back on track with eating more healthfully and working out. Realistically, that is not going to happen until next Monday. But that's not too far off.
One thing I had forgotten about working in civil practice is how hard it can be to stay awake & alert when you spend the bulk of your time at your desk reading. (Sitting at my desk all day in the prosecutor's office was a rare, rare thing. . .and it usually involved a lot more calls than reading.) Monday and Tuesday afternoons I nearly dozed off, despite multiple cups of coffee. I've polled my other private practice lawyer friends, and the consensus seems to be that I need to exercise regularly, eat fewer carbs, take frequent breaks, and not try to give up coffee. LOL Today actually hasn't been too bad thus far. . . but I have been writing (& active) as much or more than I've been reading.
I am adjusting to my new life! :)