Friday, July 06, 2007

Good weigh-in last night

My "official" weight at Jenny Craig on Thursday evening was 214.0, for a total of 20.6 lbs lost. Not too shabby, considering the stress & transitions I have had in my life since starting Jenny Craig on April 10th. I know I could have lost quite a bit more if I had been more compliant with my planned menus & exercised more. . . but all things considered, I'll take it.
Hell, I figure if I could continue to lose at this pace, it'd only be about another 9-10 months until I was at my goal weight. At this stage, any time the scale is not moving up, I am satisfied with my progress.
Tomorrow is my trip up to Phoenix to look for an apartment. I am looking forward to getting something nailed down, but I must confess I am NOT looking forward to the process. I know it is going to be brutally hot in Phoenix--the forecast high is 109--and the prospect of shlepping around the city in that kind of heat is not appealing. Ah well. One of those necessary evils. I am super lucky that KC is willing to accompany me; what a great friend.
My hope is that once I have a date certain for moving, I will feel more inspired to sort & pack. I wish I could get the crew of Clean Sweep out to my house. . . that'd be great. But not gonna happen.
I was really tired most of today. My roommate & I stayed up late talking. . . mostly reminiscing about past relationships with men. It was a very fun chat, but it was really hard to come in to work this morning.
I had a priors trial & sentencing this morning for the last defendant I convicted at trial. He was sentenced to 13 years, so I was pretty excited about that. He was definitely deserving: this was his 6th felony conviction, and he has a criminal record dating back 23 years to age 14. The victim in the case was very happy with the outcome.
I have nothing planned for this evening. It'll be kind-of nice to just go home & veg. This week was fun & not uneventful, but exhausting. And I suspect I'll need extra energy to get through the apartment hunt tomorrow.