Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mixed result

My jury came back guilty on 4 of 9 counts, not guilty on 4, and hung on 1. Even though it's technically a "win" for me, I am pretty bummed: they acquitted & hung on the most serious 3 charges!

Side note: my "jailhouse snitch," who was the defendant's cellmate and to whom the defendant confessed all the offenses in my case, was missing with a felony warrant for his arrest. I'd asked a detective from our office to find him and he was unable to do so. The witness was arrested at noon today while my jury was still deliberating! If only he'd been picked up the day before, I'm almost certain the jury would have convicted on all counts.

Anyway. . . water under the bridge. Moving on. I learned A TON.

Looking forward to our engagement party on Saturday night! We'll have about 20 guests for a pool party/BBQ. SL is the grillmaster, after all. . . at least that's what he'll tell you.

I'll probably spend the whole day tomorrow at work trying to catch up on all the things I've been neglecting while preparing for and trying this most recent case. Oh joy! I also have to write my quarterly court report for my CASA duties, and I have a full-day (8-hr) training on Saturday.

Busy, busy, busy! :)