Sunday, August 06, 2006

Interesting website names

219.4 (yesterday: didn't weigh today)
Can I start out by saying that SL visits websites with some of the most interesting names? I realize he finds most of them by following links from some of his regular sites, but damn! The things that pop up on auto-complete when I type in a URL. . . .
My weekend has been good so far. I haven't exercised at all, but I may still do the elliptical trainer this afternoon. (Note: exercising on the weekends really isn't part of my plan for myself anyway, but if I can get it in, it's a bonus.) Eating has been OK: went to a tea party yesterday afternoon, then to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.
Yesterday I:
*attended initial appearances for work to make bond recommendations (I get paid $100 for doing them)
*took my CASA child M to a local "fun park" (I thought it was lame, but she enjoyed it)
*went to aforementioned tea party
*went to dinner
*read (I'm reading The Broker by John Grisham)
*tweaked our wedding website (added more photos and other stuff)
So far today, I have done basically nothing productive. As that was my plan, I'm happy about it. SL is making lunch; after we eat, I may clean up the nest a little. Otherwise, I just want to have a free, relaxing day.
My maid of honor K is such a wonderful friend! She is visiting her parents in El Paso and discovered that a new Alfred Angelo store just opened there. She called me to get the style numbers of the bridal and bridesmaid dresses I am considering from AA, then went with her mom for a try-on session so that she could photograph the dresses and report back to me about the colors and fabrics. All of her own accord! She rocks!!
I am feeling better about the wedding guest list. It looks like we are going to be able to get out of our contract at the MGM Grand (long story) and have the wedding at the Monte Carlo instead. Cost will be roughly the same, but the Monte Carlo's chapel can hold 100 guests, while the MGM's maximum was 65. Given that we have cut the guest list to bare bones (actually leaving off a lot of people we wanted to invite--especially mine!), I didn't see any way we could make it less than the 85 adults it is currently. You can never count on guests NOT attending, so we really needed a bigger space to accomodate our current guest list.
In my opinion, the two chapels are comparable in appearance and quality. The only reason I really went with the MGM in the first place is that it is a larger hotel with more things to do.

Not much else to tell. Here's to relaxation!
By the way. . . did ya notice the scale finally budged? Didja?? Because I did! Yee-ha!