Sunday, January 04, 2009

The road to hell is paved with good intentions


MM and I returned this afternoon from visiting my father and stepmother in southern New Mexico. We arrived to heavy cloud cover and wet roads from yet another rainy day here in Phoenix. WTF is going on with our weather? All this rain just seems unusual for us this time of year; we generally get the majority of our rainfall in late summer.

Anyhoo, the visit with the parents was (mostly) good. We did manage to irk one or both of them on Friday (long story, and I'm not even sure we figured out exactly what did the irking), but they were over it by the time we returned from our hike, and there were no further "incidents."

MM was unimpressed with my alma mater, NMSU, and with the Las Cruces area in general (except for the hike, which he thought was beautiful). He has expressed a willingness to return once a year in the future, but not more than that, barring some unforeseen circumstance. He figures that that should satisfy the parents since "it's more than (my BIL) does." True, but my BIL has the luxury of living many states away rather than one state away. We shall see.

Tomorrow is back to the ol' grind. I had to do some research on Westlaw this evening for a motion response that I must draft before noon tomorrow; I couldn't access Westlaw from home and thus had not completed the research on NYE. [sigh] Ah well.

People continue to pop out of the woodwork on Facebook for me. It's kind of fun, actually.

Now that it's January, I intend to start sorting through the several boxes of crap I brought with me from my old place. I also want to organize the closets in my bathroom 'cause they're a mess and I can't find stuff. Oh, and start exercising more and eating more healthfully.

Right. So I'll just get crackin' on all that tomorrow, then.


TUWABVB said...

You should realize how lucky you are that your husband has actually agreed to one visit. It's like pulling teeth to get my husband to go to NJ. It drives me MAD! The only time that he didn't object was when we flew home for my dad's funeral. I'm lucky if I get once a year - and when I do, it's not without major complaining! :) (He just doesn't like to travel in general really - it's not just NJ).

Jenn said...

Agreeing on family visits can be hard. I never wanted to move far away from family because my idea of a vacation is NOT visiting family. I love them but I do not want to take time off work to sit in their house. Unfortunately we're moving several states away and I am afraid we're now in that situation.

I don't care much for visiting my in laws because I'm allergic to their many dogs AND because they usually stay the weekend at my house once a month or so, so I see no need to drive 4-5 hours to see them when they are coming down here for work already.

I think when we move out of state we can plan a longer, big family visit during the holidays but I might just plan on coming back to CO and seeing my parents without my husband. He'll probably have significantly less free time than I will anyway, and I'm ok with doing it alone.