Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Halfway there. . .


As of last night's workout, I am halfway through my 30-day workout challenge. I am quite proud of myself and am already noticing many positive effects from exercising daily. This morning, the scale was actually down a little, too. . . . even though I actually ate quite a bit last night. I don't trust it, though. We'll see what it does over the next few days. It's apt to go back up again.

I was thinking last night as I was on the phone with a friend in Tucson that one downside of this daily exercise challenge is that I've become more boring. Every evening after work, I go straight to the gym. After getting home, eating dinner, and spending some time with Sebastian, I really don't do much of anything else except maybe read for a while.

To be fair, part of the reason I don't do much else in the evenings is also because I am electing to spend time with my husband in lieu of doing other things. So I guess in that sense I'm just becoming a boring married person. LOL

If/when I successfully complete this 30-day challenge, I think the next thing I am going to challenge myself to do is to eat more vegetables. I don't come anywhere near the recommended nine servings a day; I'm usually doing well to get in 3-4 servings.

At nearly 38 years old, with known high cholesterol and a family history of diabetes and heart disease, I'd say it's long past time for me to be focusing on forming healthy habits. . . . and not just solely for the sake of weight loss. So that's what I'll be working on this year.


TUWABVB said...

Baby steps honey - I think that's the only way that one can stick with a lifestyle change. I'm so proud of you!

OH MY GOD - my word verification is "noblimp" - LOL!

Flying Monkeys said...

I love coffee but can not drink it as much as I want to. Boo.

Slow and steady wins the race my dear.