Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back

(haven't weighed myself in days. . . . so who knows?)

The end of the calendar year always seems to be a time for re-examining the preceding twelve months. Every other show on TV seems to be chronicling the "Top Ten" whatever that happened in 2008. (I've long believed that this is done, in large part, because the weeks before and after Christmas are quite slow news-wise.) I thought, why not include my own top ten lists? So here they are. . . .

Top ten things that happened in my life this year (roughly in date order)

1. Took my first deposition
2. Moved in with MM
3. Bought my first house
4. Got a favorable first performance evaluation at work and a raise
5. Visited Rocky Point (& took Sebastian to the beach) for the first time
6. Did a fitness boot camp
7. Visited Rowan twice
8. Got married! (They said it would never happen--ok, they didn't; I did)
9. Lost (and re-gained) about 10 lbs
10. Visited Maui

Top ten things that I would like to do (or see happen) in 2009 (not listed in order of importance or likelihood)

1. Become more routine-oriented
2. Become a more efficient biller at work
3. Visit Rowan at least three times (especially now that he is getting to an age where he'll know whether or not I'm there!)
4. Lose weight (yeah, it's on the list again)
5. Get more organized at home (this one, too)
6. Get pregnant
7. Adopt another dog
8. My parents to stay in good health
9. See more of my friends
10. Write a first chapter for a novel

Ten lessons I learned in 2008:

1. When my mom said half my friends would be "divorced and back out on the market" by the time I was ready to get married. . . . she was right (again).
2. If a 2-year-old sees something he wants, once he puts his hands on it and claims it as his own, it belongs to him, at least in his own mind. Take it back at your own risk!
3. Once you're married, everyone wants to know when/if you will be having children.
4. If you choose to do things that are unconventional--like eloping, keeping your own name after marriage, or not wearing a white dress for your wedding--there are people who will judge you and think you are strange.
5. White Americans WILL vote for an African-American man for president!
6. Sometimes even your closest friends can still surprise you with their behavior.
7. I'm happier if I have coffee in the mornings.
8. Life is easier if you get along with your in-laws.
9. Getting rid of things I don't need or use gives me a feeling of freedom.
10. Neither a healthy diet nor regular exercise alone will make me lose weight. I have to do both simultaneously! (OK, I knew this already, but I was in denial. And it's been reconfirmed.)


Valerie said...

I love these lists! If I weren't so lazy, I'd do them myself. :) You are so right about 2-year-olds and their "mine" reflex. :) Happy new year, Mrs. M! lol