Friday, January 30, 2009

Broke my streak

212.8 (ah, the irony!)

Yesterday I continued to be unusually and inexplicably tired, and in the late afternoon I started getting a headache as well. So I went home, put a hot compress on my neck and shoulders, and went to sleep.

I was awakened by a phone call from MM a little after 6 p.m.--almost two hours after I'd gone to sleep--and at that time my headache was worse, but not so bad that I couldn't go back to sleep until 8 p.m.

When I woke up at 8, I had a full-on migraine. (I will still NEVER understand how a headache can get worse--or even develop--while I'm sleeping!). I took some Excedrin--even though I am giving up caffeine--and by 9:00 I felt a bit better. Still not 100%, though.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel well enough to work out. I did take Sebastian to the park--about a 15-minute round-trip walk with a 10-minute break at the park for him to run--but I didn't do any other exercise yesterday. :-(

Ah well. If I end up working out "only" 29 days out of 30, I will still be pretty happy with that. It certainly represents a significant increase in exercise from what I had been doing! I'd hoped for 100% compliance, but perhaps that was too lofty a goal. I will be working out tonight for sure, so it's "right back on the horse" today.

After a full night's sleep (yes, in spite of having slept almost four hours in the afternoon/evening), I woke up today feeling refreshed and back to normal. And shock of shocks, the scale was the lowest it's been since I started this 30-day challenge. WTF is up with that?!

Tomorrow is my second acupuncture session. I am certainly going to mention to the doc that my headaches continue (though it seems that their frequency and severity is decreasing). I'm looking forward to the session, truth be told: the first one was quite relaxing.

Weekend plans: relaxing night at home tonight with MM; eye doctor, leg wax, and acupuncture tomorrow, with lunch with KC worked in, followed by a Coyotes hockey game in the evening. Sunday will be loads of household chores--I'm woefully behind on them--and dinner with the in-laws.



TUWABVB said...

I'm glad you took a break and took care of youself! I wouldn't be surprised if the headache was a result of the acupuncture - maybe things/toxins are leaving you and your body is reacting to it?