Friday, May 02, 2008

Working for the weekend

205.4 (hmph)

I am glad it's Friday, and I'm looking forward to seeing my father, who flies in this evening at 6:00. I haven't had a visit alone with him in ages, and I haven't seen him at all since Christmas.

Things are hectic at work, but not as overwhelmingly busy as a couple of weeks ago. One of the partners with whom I work closely is going to trial on May 12, and it's a case that is assigned to me. So there has been a lot of extra trial prep work above and beyond just the general civil litigation stuff that usually consumes most of my time.

MM is indeed going with me to San Francisco for the weekend of May 30, and I'm psyched about it. It should be a fun, though brief, trip.

As I type this, it's nearly 4:00, and though I have work I could do, I have little motivation left to tackle it. (I spent the past two hours reading disclosure received from other parties. . . . what an energy suck that is!) I may stick it out here for another half hour, then call it a day. Billing this month will not be a problem for me because I have at least six out-of-town trips coming up.

Dad and I are going to the see the Diamondbacks play the Mets on Sunday; we are going to P.F. Chang's for dinner tomorrow night with MM and KC. Not sure what else we'll be doing.