Monday, May 19, 2008

Trial in Mohave County

I have no clue what I weighed this morning because I woke up in a Hampton Inn in Kingman, Arizona. Props to me, though, because in spite of hitting snooze multiple times, I used the elliptical trainer in the fitness center. Sure, it was only 10 minutes due to my abuse of snooze, but it was better than nothing. . . . which is what I usually do when I am out of town.

I am drained and tired from driving up to Kingman yesterday and back today. On the plus side, our expert witness's flight yesterday was delayed by over an hour, allowing me to nearly finish all my laundry and to actually fold and put away what was finished! I got back home a couple of hours earlier than I had expected (always planning for the worst case scenario), and that was nice, too. Tomorrow it's back to the usual work routine, but that's OK. . . . I'm actually kind-of looking forward to getting some stuff done.

Our expert was a really nice guy, and I actually enjoyed talking him during the 6-hour round trip to and from Kingman. I freely admit that I rarely have trouble talking to people, even ones I don't know, but was pleasantly surprised that chatting with him wasn't a chore, as I had feared it might be.

In a few minutes, I am going to go get a bite to eat with MM. Even though I've only been gone one day, I missed him. We like to spend Sundays together, and yesterday's road trip interfered with that routine. It's always good to be with him.

I was happy to see my boy when I returned, and I think he was glad to see me, too. I can tell that his dogsitter has been taking very good care of him, because he's not any more excited than he usually is at the end of a workday when I come home. I can also tell that she actually does walk him, because he has been going to the back gate of the complex and nosing it when I take him out. . . . which is what he does when I've gotten in the routine of walking him myself. ;-)

It's good to be home.

A brief weekend recap: MM and I stayed in on Friday night, then went to the D-backs game on Saturday night with KC, as planned. It was Chris Young bobble-head giveaway night, but some cocksnuggler(s) stole ours from under our seats during the game! There was literally never a time that we were both out of our seats, so the blatant theft took place under our noses. . . er, butts, I guess. Some people. . . .

I really didn't care much about the bobble-heads, but MM was pretty ticked off. Even though he'd originally been irked that the bobble-head didn't look much like Young, he was angry that someone had stolen from him. He hates thieves. . . . understandably, given what he does for a living.

Here's a little picture of the Mohave County courthouse, where our trial is taking place:


Valerie said...

Cocksnuggler?! LOL That is hysterical. I might have to add that to "douchebag" in my insult repertoire.

Kristi Marie said...

I actually grew up in Kingman. I've heard that it's grown considerably since my family moved away. I can't say that I miss the town itself.

I can't believe someone had the nerve to steal your bobbleheads! That's pretty low. If I had known, I would have given you - or MM - mine. I gave it to Jenny, but I think Matt or Rona gave her one of their bobbleheads, too.