Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The marathon continues

209.4 (yikes!)

I literally gasped when I saw the number on the scale this morning. I knew that I had a huge late lunch yesterday and a heavy snack with MM late in the evening, but I wasn't expecting to weigh this much. Wow. I've been hovering around 207-208 for a while, but this was a jump.

I had a good holiday weekend. . . . though it wasn't a true 3-day weekend because I had to take a deposition yesterday and that meant nearly 4 hours of work. I had dinner with KC Friday night, and we had a lot of fun. Saturday morning I got a haircut & color (I have bangs now, will have to post a photo soon), and Sebastian went to the groomer. MM and I saw The Police in concert on Saturday night, and it was a great show.

Sunday MM and I went to lunch and to the new Indiana Jones movie, then met his parents for dinner later in the evening.

Yesterday after my depo, I had a long, late lunch with KC and MM dropped by after the gym to visit. I pretty much took it easy the rest of the day aside from the depo.

Oddly, I woke up at 5:50 this morning, fully alert and ready to get up and face the day. I got up, walked Sebastian, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, addressed some birthday cards, and surfed the internet. . . . all before 8:45 a.m. Unusual for me. It felt good to get some stuff done!

Today is another full day of depos, part of the marathon the month of May has been. After work, MM and I will go to the gym and to dinner, per our usual Tuesday routine.

Not much else to tell. MM and I are going to SF on Friday, and I'm looking forward to having a weekend away with him. It's supposed to be in the low 60s--brrr!