Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fun with lawyers


I drove to Yuma yesterday for a court hearing--a six-hour round-trip from Phoenix. Two of the attorneys--one for plaintiffs, one for a co-defendant--engaged in some childish sniping at each other. (The two have been at each other to some degree at every deposition I've covered in that case.)

Now today, I'm attending a deposition in another case, and the plaintiffs' attorney and another defense attorney have been engaged in some humorous verbal sparring about the questioning of the witness. (In fact, plaintiffs' attorney told me on a break "I fucking hate" the witness. Mind you, this attorney is in his late 60s and very well-respected.)

I wonder if I will get to a point in my legal career where I will be snippy and petty. I think the potential exists, given my personality. LOL. For now, I'm just entertained by observing others getting their panties in a ruffle.

Work continues busy. I plan to work for 4-5 hours this Saturday. Job security. . .

I had a fun weekend with my dad. We got along well--no arguments or conflicts--and he seemed to enjoy himself. He met MM, and they got along fine. We enjoyed the baseball game, but for the fact that the home team lost. Not sure when I'll get to see him again. . . maybe sometime in the fall.

I'll be hitting the gym with MM this evening, as per our usual Tuesday routine. I'm looking forward to hanging out with him! He came by my place for a couple of hours last night and hung out--he'd had to work late. Even though I saw him Saturday night when he went to dinner with Dad and me, and again on Sunday for the ballgame, it felt as though we didn't really spend together because we were never alone.

Not much else to report.


Cindy said...

I love this post. I too have the same thoughts as you and have recently seen some really dumb arguments at depositions. It seems to me like some lawyers want to object just to get thier name in the record, regardless of whether it's a valid objection (few are in a depo). Fortunately I haven't been involved in many of these, but do find them humerous regardless.