Friday, May 30, 2008


208.2 (sigh)

Today is one of those days where I just plain woke up in a bad mood. I wasn't tired or reluctant to get up. But I didn't want to come in to the office and face all the crap that was sure to await me here, and I just generally didn't want to leave the house. While reading blogs and email this morning, I alternated between wanting to do a marathon cleaning session in my apartment (which desperately needs it) and crawling back into bed with a good book.

Alas, duty calls, and I am now at work, wading through my inbox and attempting to prioritize the (many) tasks awaiting my attention. I am leaving early today to get my legs waxed regardless of how much or little I get done today: though I have a ton of work, only one or two tasks are things that cannot wait until next week. Considering that Monday starts a new billing month, my only true incentive to get anything done (& billed) today is to whittle away at my ever-growing to-do list. Truth be told, I have already billed plenty of hours for May without lifting a finger today. ;-)

Anyway. . . . my mood is slightly improved now, after a caffe mocha and some social interaction with my coworkers. One of the best things about my firm is that I genuinely like the people I work with, attorneys and support staff alike. Makes it much more pleasant to come into the office, no matter what the workload is like. Though I may be reluctant to admit it, I need to work. . . . and not just for the money, either. Having somewhere that I have to show up daily and tasks to accomplish gives me a sense of purpose. For that reason alone, I'd probably work at least part time even if I were independently wealthy.

My planned deposition in San Francisco today has been postponed to next Friday, which means that our weekend trip has also been delayed. Kind of a bummer.

I am taking advantage of the cancellation to go to Tucson tomorrow to visit my CASA child M, who I have not seen in over three months. This is by far the longest I have gone without seeing her in the 4+ years I have been appointed as her advocate (at one time, I was seeing her every week or every other week). Once I had made my arrangements with the foster family to take her on an outing, the father mentioned that she has been asking why I haven't come to see her, which made me feel really guilty. After all the people who have left her life, I certainly don't want her to think that I have forgotten her! It is hard to find the time to visit now that I have drive to & from Tucson to do it, but I am going to make more of an effort, starting with tomorrow's trip.

MM and I will have a mellow evening together on Saturday when I get back: he is looking forward to dinner at Red Lobster, and we will probably just watch a movie after. We'll also hang out on Sunday and have dinner at his parents' on Sunday evening. We may go down to the ballpark this evening and see about getting some scalper tickets for tonights D-backs' game. . . . but MM is something of a "seat snob," so we may just end up watching the game on TV.

I am as in love with MM ever! I continue to marvel at how well-suited we are. We both have strong personalities, so it's not all "rainbows & lollipops" (as my friend J says), but overall our relationship is great. As he and I are together longer and he feels more secure, I am able to share more things with him without fear of him freaking out. LOL (He is a major worrier.) As a result, he has become one of my closest friends in addition to being my beloved boyfriend. Awwww. . . . And it goes without saying that I enjoy his company.

Totally random aside: can I share that I am really diggin' the latest version of Maroon 5's "If I Never See Your Face Again" featuring Rihanna? (It's playing on the online xmradio at the moment.) I love Maroon 5 (lead singer Adam Levine is a fellow Golden Retriever & Prius owner), and I like Rihanna's voice, though I'm not a huge Rihanna fan. Funny how music I like will always give me a lift. . . .

Here's to a great weekend!