Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Royal flush

207.8 (ugh)

I was out of town (to Kingman) from Sunday evening until 8:45 last night attending the first day of a jury trial in one of my cases. The partner's paralegal and I spent Sunday night in Laughlin (because it's close & the rooms were cheap), and I got a royal flush on video poker! I won $62.50, but would have won a progressive jackpot of nearly $1300 if I'd been placing the maximum bet.

The trial itself was interesting and fun. We were there throughout jury selection and opening statements. I wish I could've attended more than just the first day, but oh well. I will be driving back up to Kingman with one of our expert witnesses next Sunday. It's a 3-hour drive each way, so he and I will have lots of time together. LOL

When I returned home last night--very tired--I talked on the phone with MM. He was also very tired because Mondays are a long and stressful day at work for me. (It's his "office day," when he meets one-on-one with each probationer to review performance and schedules.)

Probably at least in part because we were both tired and stressed, we had our first real fight. It was really more based on misunderstandings and miscommunications than on any serious issue in our relationship, but we were on the phone for an hour and a half hashing things out. Jeez. Things were resolved in a manner that pleased us both, and we are fine today, but I wish we could have avoided the whole discussion. . . . I didn't really need the additional stress, and I could've gone to bed earlier!

Today has been busy. Because I am out of town for work again tomorrow and Thursday, today is the only day I have to complete any work with a deadline this week. I completed a motion response, reviewed and compiled documents that we have to produce today pursuant to a court order, drafted a response (due 5/15) to a complaint on which I am awaiting the partner's review/input, made several phone calls, and sent out a variety of letters on pending matters. Whew! Before the day ends, I still need to make sure that a stack of documents is mailed out and review all the correspondence in my inbox from yesterday and today. I will have to prepare for the next two days of depositions tonight, because I won't have time during the day today.

I think I mentioned in here that I had gone off my birth control pills in mid-April. I got my period on Sunday, which was about a week earlier than I had expected it, based upon my usual cycles. I was relieved, because I don't feel that it is the ideal time for me to get pregnant--I would like to wait until MM and I are at least living together before that happens. MM was actually disappointed. He (naively) thought that he would get me pregnant just as soon as I was off the pill, I guess. Having my period while traveling just added to the joy of the 7-hour round trip to Laughlin. LOL

Eating on the road was crap, not surprisingly. I'm going to the gym tonight with MM, but that will likely be my last opportunity to go before the weekend. I do plan to try to walk in Prescott tomorrow night: it's a really cute little town. I am going to try to make better food choices the next two days, too.

I likely won't blog again until the weekend.


Cindy said...

Wow - I didn't realize you were "sort of" trying to get pregnant. Or at least letting nature take it's course. That's exciting. Keep us posted!