Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eating in


I was very proud of myself yesterday. In addition to trying to establish routines, I've also decided that I need to eat out less. Now eating out is a big part of my social life, but I'm not talking about eliminating THAT kind of eating out. I'm talking about the eating out where I'm doing it simply because I didn't take the time or effort to plan a meal. There's nothing "fun" about running out for Taco Bell on my lunch hour or picking up take-out on my way home from work just because I know I don't have anything at home to eat.

Yesterday, I technically ate breakfast "out," since I stopped at Starbucks for coffee and also got a muffin, rather than having cereal at home. But I brought my lunch, and I made a meal of pasta and sausage in the evening.

For people who regularly do this, it probably seems silly that I consider this an accomplishment. I am far from being a domestic goddess, though. I know it is healthier not to eat out all the time, but my main motivation is that I feel that I am pissing away a lot of money with my lack of planning, too.
I was doing a little internet research on my lunch hour yesterday (funny how I had extra time when I didn't have to go out to get food) about what is a reasonable amount to spend on food each month for one person. I estimated that I spend $500-600 because I eat out so often. Some people spend as little as $150-200! I could certainly use that $350-400 extra for something better than crappy take-out, so I hope this trend continues. Heck, even if I just stuck $300 a month in my 401(k), that would add up. . . . and I wouldn't even miss the money, since now it's going to waste, basically.

Not sure what my problem is today: I just can't get motivated this morning. I practically had to use a crowbar to get my a$$ out of bed--I hit snooze over 10 times. I am finally up and about now and have checked my work email, but I haven't even showered yet, so I certainly haven't gone to the office yet. I will just have to stay late and go straight to the gym from there. . . . which is perhaps not such a bad thing.

Not much else to report. Mom is still sick, but said last night that she was feeling somewhat better; she seemed less tired anyway. Poor her.

I'm glad this week is almost over!