Sunday, July 16, 2006

Naughty blogger

(haven't weighed myself the past two days--I weighed 217.6 on Thursday & Friday)

I kinda fell off the blogging wagon. SL left Friday morning for a 10-day trip to Anchorage to visit his parents. Without him here, I've been a little bit out of my usual routine.

I believe I have mentioned before that I have been needing to clean out and de-clutter our guest room about, oh, since we moved in last October. (It had one week of cleanliness back in December, when SL's sister visited and slept there. But all I did then was move the boxes of clutter into our bedroom instead for the duration of her visit.)

Well, I am proud to say that some real progress was made in this room today! I still need to pick up some more of SL's stuff that has somehow made its way under the bed (darn cat), and I need to wash the (cat-hair-covered) sheets and put them back on the bed. Otherwise the room is company ready! It's not decorated, and it's nothing fancy. . . but it'll do for a 10-year-old. :)

There are also two boxes of my stuff in the living room waiting for me to sort through and toss or store. I've got to get all this done before my friend's son arrives on Friday. Actually, I have to get it all done before I leave town on Thursday, because I will not be returning home again after that until he arrives & comes home with me.

I also need to clean SL's bathroom (which is the guest bathroom) before Thursday. Not only is there some weird musty smell in there. . . he also kindly left two copies of Hustler and some condoms out in the open. Nice. I'm sure my friend D would appreciate her son learning about the female anatomy from Hustler. . . NOT!

Aside from my de-cluttering session, I had a pretty good weekend. (Not that the de-cluttering was bad, but it was work!) I covered bond recommendations at the morning initial appearances at the jail yesterday for a friend from work. Then I read and relaxed mostly, after running various errands.

This morning I picked M up for our bi-weekly outing. She did not want to go to the children's museum as suggested, and she is just getting over a sunburn, so she could not go swimming. What she really wanted to do was come to my house and visit Homer, SL's cat. (She loves cats and she is Homer's biggest fan: she even keeps a framed photo of him in her bedroom.) So that's what we did. She also played some games on the Disney website (her foster family does not have a computer in their home, so this is a novelty to her).

This afternoon I met my friend A for a movie. We saw You, Me, & Dupree, which I enjoyed. I laughed aloud several times. I like Owen Wilson, and I think Kate Hudson is so cute! I was also dog-sitting for my old roommate/friend K this weekend, so I was over at her house several times Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

It's been an OK weekend eating-wise. I should have eaten more fruits and vegetables, but that is a recurring theme for me. I am on a kick that I need to clean out the cupboards and freezer, so I've been cooking most of the weekend and am planning to cook more this week while SL is gone. Tomorrow morning I am going to throw some frozen chicken & frozen veggies in the crockpot with some seasoning. That plus some brown rice will be tomorrow night's dinner (and probably Tuesday's lunch also).

Thursday is my job interview at the Other County Attorney's Office. I'm a little nervous. . . but in that healthy, on-your-game way. I have my outfit planned (black suit with pearls, no surprises there), and I even bought new pantyhose this weekend. It seems weird to admit this, but I wish SL were not away; I'd feel more confident about my interview if he were here to encourage me. I don't know why that is, as I have interviewed for many, many jobs in my time (and actually gotten offers from some of them), and I have never felt the need for any other person's feedback ahead of time. Hmmmm.

SL is enjoying his trip to Anchorage. He finally told his parents we are getting married--he'd wanted to wait and tell them face-to-face. Aside from his sister (and extended family), his parents are literally the last ones to know: all my family & friends know, and I believe all (or at least most) of SL's friends already know. He said they seemed happy, but they are not exactly jump-for-joy kind of people.

It's a bit of a weird family dynamic there. I try not to get in the middle of it. His parents have always been kind and polite to me; I have no personal beef with them. They are quiet and keep themselves to themselves, but SL is pretty much that way, too, at least until he gets to know someone well.

I am way ahead of the game with my wedding planning! I have reserved the restaurant for our reception, blocked hotel rooms for our guests at the hotel where we are getting married, reserved the chapel (though we still need to sign the contract & give them a 50% deposit once SL returns from Alaska), and ordered save-the-date cards. I have also made out the guest list (waiting on a few names and addresses from SL, but it's 90% done), reserved my hair/makeup artist, narrowed my bridesmaid dress choices down to four styles, and picked a date for our engagement party, plus drafted the engagement party guest list and designed an e-vite to send out. Whew!

I feel a lot more at peace about the whole wedding planning thing. I am still looking around at some things (like invitations and favor ideas), but I have months before I really have to decide anything else of substance. And I don't even have my engagement ring yet! I'm a "cart before the horse" kind of girl, though, so that's OK. Everything substantial I've done in my life has been ass-backwards.

It's been God-awful hot here. I believe the news said that the daytime high today was 103. Ick. It felt hotter, and my car's temperature gauge said it was 108 at one point. The temperature dropped 15 degrees while I was in the movie, and on the drive home I saw lightning, a darkening sky, and lots of wind. I hope this means we will get some rain; we could use it.