Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've been a bad, bad girl


I am really surprised that my weight isn't up more after the way I ate yesterday.

We had a going-away breakfast at work for my legal assistant. It was pot-luck, so everyone brought something. There was fruit (2 kinds of melon mixed with grapes and raisins), lowfat yogurt, and granola; otherwise it was all baked goods. Muffins, zucchini bread, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and Krispy Kreme donuts.

I knew this breakfast was happening, so I started out with a plan: I ate a Luna bar on the way to work. I was supposed to be in court all morning, but it turned out the judge whose courtroom I was covering was not on the bench. So instead of being away from all the food, it was right next door to me. I then compounded my error by forgetting lunch.

I had: 2 bagels (1 w/cream cheese), a strawberry-filled powdered KK donut, two bowls of fruit, about 1/2 cup of yogurt with an equal amount of granola. Actually, as I type this out, that doesn't really sound all that bad compared to how I could have done. Hmmm. I also drank a TON of water: over 3 liters.

I ended up feeling tired all day, especially in the afternoon. I seriously could barely stay awake & concentrate, even after a diet Coke (that perked me about for about 30 minutes, but that's it). It's hard to work at a job that requires sitting at your desk reading for 90% of the day when you eat crap all day.

I actually got back on track last night; I had an oriental salad and a turkey wrap on a whole wheat tortilla for dinner. Yum! Today will be an on-plan day as well.


Molicious said...

As some who has been battling my weight as far back as I can remember, I applaud you for keeping track of it here. I may have to do the same as I am seriously considering starting a new diet very soon.

BTW, how has WW been for you? That's another route I'm thinking about.

S said...

Aside: I lived in Plano for 6 months back in late 1998. Just had to share.

I think WW is a fabulous program. It's one of the only weight loss systems that, if followed to the letter, actually teaches you how to eat properly and in a way that is sustainable for life.

I don't necessarily think counting points is something I'd like to do forever, but you learn so much about eating more healthy foods & fewer low-nutrient foods and proper portion control. The meetings also address many of the emotional/psychological reasons that people overeat and strategies for dealing with them.

I'd highly recommend WW to anyone who is looking for a long-term weight loss solution instead of a quick fix. It's not necessarily the fastest way to lose weight, but it's healthy and doable.