Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Small changes

221.0 (yikes!)

I am absolutely horrified--though, sadly, not all that surprised--by the number on the scale this morning. I know I ate poorly yesterday, but wow. Just wow.

I have a few updates from my last post (of nearly two weeks ago).

  • I have been actively looking for, and applying for, jobs since my last post. I have an interview at another law firm on Friday morning.
  • I decided on a whim to try Jenny Craig again instead of doing the hCG diet. I just don't have $650+ to spend on weight loss at the moment, particularly with the uncertainty about my work situation, and I have had my doubts about whether I could manage to only eat 500 calories a day.
  • I started Jenny Craig this morning. My official first weigh-in was Friday afternoon, and I weighed 221.1 lbs there. . . . which is very close to what I weighed in 1997 (or 1998?) when I joined JC for the first time. (My start weight then was 222.2.)
  • I made it to the gym two days last week. Not great, but it's a start. I focused more on weights than on cardio to ease myself back into things. (I enjoy strength training much more than cardio.)
  • After a straight week of nearly-daily headaches, including two full-fledged migraines, I have now had no headaches for almost another week. Hmm.
So that's what's going on with me. As usual, I am perversely glad to be getting my eating under control. One potential bump in the road is the trip to San Diego which MM and I have planned for a week from Friday. I hope to make healthier choices while we're there and kick a$$ before and after with my lovely pre-packaged foods. ;-)


Mo said...

I actually have the diet that the HCG diet calls for. I think the spray that you're supposed to buy is totally bogus, but the diet itself could actually work. If you have any interest in it, let me know :o)

MB said...

Good luck with Jenny. It seems healthier than the 500 cal. diet. Good luck with the interview too. Keep making those small changes and they will add up to big changes.

TUWABVB said...

500 calories seems incredibly unhealthy - I would be cranky bitch all day! I'm excited about the interview - keep us posted honey!