Wednesday, June 03, 2009


(forgot to weigh before breakfast)

Not much exciting to report, but I wanted to post anyway for accountability purposes. I survived Day 2 of SB Phase One yesterday and had fewer carb cravings (but still had some). I ate what I'd planned and only what I'd planned, which is a good feeling. I have been tracking my food on, too, and it's interesting to read the feedback the site provides once you've tracked your whole day of food.

I also hit the gym last night and did Day 2 of the 2-week Turnaround Mo turned me on to. Once again, the cardio was challenging and the strength training didn't seem hard, but I am feeling it today! I have my gym stuff packed to work out tonight again, too. This time, MM will actually be meeting me at the gym.

My right piriformis muscle (the one that gave me trouble when I did my 30-day exercise challenge earlier this year) has been tight and a little sore, but I am spending 10 minutes stretching well after each workout and getting up to walk around no less than once an hour. Because that muscle is irritated by forward motion and by sitting--two activities that I cannot eliminate entirely--I will just have to live with some discomfort, I think. At least I am not having the stabbing-hot-poker-type pain there that I had back in February, and I haven't had any numbness or tingling in my right thigh as I did before.

I brought my healthy lunch and snacks to work and am planning on another salad for dinner, perhaps with tuna instead of chicken this time; we'll see.

Happy Humpday!