Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Off the rails


So yeah, less than 30 days since starting South Beach and exercise for my most recent attempt at weight loss, I am basically in non-compliance. I've cut back on carbs considerably from my pre-SB eating but am not really following the program fully and am certainly not eating enough veggies. I only went to the gym twice last week (and both times had scaled-back workouts). With my various social commitments, I've been eating out more than I should and not always making the healthiest choices.

To be fair, I had to scale back my workouts, though I didn't have to cut them down to only two in a week. And we all know how much harder it is to make healthier food choices when eating out nearly every meal. Not impossible, but harder.

I am jumping back on the exercise wagon full-steam tonight. I've got my gym clothes and iPod packed and ready to go. MM is counting on my meeting him at the gym (which is a helpful motivator). I would've gone last night but I had a migraine yesterday.

As for the healthier eating, I do have healthy foods at work for lunch (Lean Cuisine with supplemental veggies) and have some wholesome ready-to-cook meals in the freezer at home for dinner. I didn't bring any between-meal snacks to work, though, so I hope I don't succumb to the candy dish out of hunger this afternoon. (Be strong!)

I'm still optimistic that one (or more) of my friends is going to jump on with me and start doing a challenge. I think that might give me a little added incentive. Not that I can rely on others for my motivation, but a little healthy competition can be a good thing.

On the plus side, the scale hasn't really gone back up too much, despite my lesser efforts the past week or two. I am still 4.4 lbs less than when I started this time on June 1.


Flying Monkeys said...

4.4 pounds is 4.4 pounds girl!! That's great!
We're starting P90X the second week in August. I'll start your challenge then. :)