Friday, June 05, 2009

All dressed up with somewhere to go


I couldn't believe the number on the scale this morning--in a good way, for a change--and had to weigh myself three times to be sure. Yep, I have gone down two pounds since Monday morning. Hooray!

I stayed on track with my eating yesterday but didn't exercise. For some reason, I just didn't feel physically like doing it. This wasn't my usual lack of motivation thing; it was more my body didn't feel prepared to go out and do 30 minutes of cardio. Part of the issue could have been that I had an hour-long massage from 5 to 6 and was just too loose and relaxed. And I still have a lot of muscle soreness all over from the various exercises I'd done the prior three days, especially in my legs.

In any event, I made a conscious decision to skip last night's workout; I figured I was due, after three straight days at the gym. At about 8:30, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion that kinda came out of nowhere. So I was actually in bed by 9:00, though it took at least another half hour for me to actually fall asleep.

I will hit the gym this evening before MM and I head to the resort for the weekend.

This weekend's eating should be challenging because so far I have been staying on track mostly by preparing the majority of my meals myself, and that will not be an option while staying in a hotel. I am optimistic that I can still make it work, though; so many people do "low carb" eating nowadays that I feel confident in my ability to find foods that are SB-compliant. Though I may have to eat a little more Phase Two at a meal or two than I'd hoped.

I must not have that many readers who are married with children 'cause my last post only garnered one comment. Either that, or the rest of you are keeping mum on the subject.

One little grouse and then I'll close. My office is quite casual, and I almost always wear jeans to work on Fridays (truth be told, I have done it mid-week on occasion, too). The exception to this is when I have a deposition or a court appearance on a Friday. My supervising partner and I have to appear in federal court at 4:00 today (ugh! on a Friday!), so I will have to get all dressed up for work today. Well, who knows, maybe it will lead to increased productivity today. LOL

Have a great weekend!


Mo said...

OMG! Lookit you and your weight loss!!! I'm so proud :o)

TUWABVB said...

Ugh - I hate having to go to court on a Friday. Especially in the summer! Especially in AZ! It's too damn hot to wear hose, etc. I'm sure the judges are hot in their robes too - they should declare casual Friday in the courtroom as well!