Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Exercise break


The scale sure is a weird thing. I've been dieting long enough to know not to freak out over one day's reading, but I find it very perplexing that my weight went up 0.2 lbs from yesterday when I ate basically half as much on Monday as I usually do, due to GI upset. Huh.

I've been trying to drink lots of water today because I know yesterday's intake was way below what it should have been. It's hard to drink water when you're really bloated and mildly nauseated, though.

Not too much new to report. I am taking a few days off from exercise and will return to the gym on Thursday evening. Not only do I think it's good for me to take a break once a while, I have another reason for taking it easy that has nothing to do with my weight loss efforts or laziness. (Not one I plan to discuss on this blog, though. ;-P )

Continuing with reintroducing some "good" carbs, I had corn tortillas and pinto beans with lunch today. Plenty of fiber, though I'm not sure if that'll actually be a good thing, given how bloated I was yesterday. Oh well. I had a taste for Mexican food, and there aren't a lot of lower/healthier carb options there.

Piano tonight and then I plan to get caught up on some stuff around the house that has been sadly neglected of late. Hey, if I'm going to take time off from the gym, I should at least use it wisely to do other stuff, right?


Lisa said...

I've been a reader for a long time - very sparse commenter though. I am so hopeful that the other reason you are taking it a bit easy has to do with pink or blue!! ;-)))