Sunday, November 02, 2008


Here are some long-overdue photos of our landscaping. The plants are obviously immature, and the sod hasn't really taken root yet. . . . but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

My future MIL suggested I take these pictures so that I can have something for comparison in a year. She did that with their current home and was amazed how much her plants grew in a year. I thought that sounded like good advice.

In looking over the photos, I realized that the red yucca plants didn't show up very well. We have several both in the front and back yards; I guess they won't really be visible until they get a little bigger. You can see the other plants, though, even though in some instances they'd be too small to identify.

I've written under each photo what it depicts.

The sissoo tree, red yucca, and bougainvillea to the right of our driveway. (This view is actually looking roughly southwest and is the road we would take to drive out of our subdivision.)

The sissoo tree and sage bushes in front of our house (also showing the home to left of ours).

The petite pink oleander and sage closest to the curb. . . with a red yucca *barely* visible in the foreground

The front of our house--windows open into the kitchen--with our three petite pink oleanders. Note the Obama '08 sign in the window: the only one we've seen in our neighborhood (though we've seen plenty of McCain/Palin signs).

Our partially inground spa with the flagstones leading from the patio. The trees behind the spa are a pygmy palm on the left and a Chinese elm in the corner. Notice our neighbor's much taller tree; they have lived in their home about a year longer than us.

Our little patch o' grass where Sebastian will be able to roll and romp. . . once the sod has taken root. . . with MM's pygmy palm and part of the spa visible in the upper righthand corner.

The grass as seen from the patio with the bougainvillea visible to the left


Kristi Marie said...

It's coming along quite nicely! And the spa is going to be heavenly....