Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Damn you, Facebook!

Like many of my generation, I have joined Facebook. When I first joined, I didn't spend much time on the site. Most of Facebook "friends" are more what I would term "acquaintances." Few of my close friends are actually members. Of late, though, I've been getting enough messages via Facebook that I usually check it out at least once a day.

One feature of Facebook that I really hate is the "People You May Know" feature. For one thing, the people it features are often people I DO NOT KNOW. The fact that someone attended college at the same university where I attended law school does not make it likely that we would be acquainted. Facebook should figure out a better way to let you filter these folks out.

Worse, the people it features that I actually DO know are often people that I don't know well enough to feel comfortable "friend"-ing. . . . or are people that I know but don't care for. ;-)

I also hate how other Facebook members can "suggest" friends to you. I find this feature puts me in an uncomfortable position. If I know and like someone, I generally put forth the effort to search for him/her on Facebook myself. Twice "friends" have "suggested" someone to me who is someone that I actually dislike. AWKWARD!

I've also accepted "friend requests" from people I know, but don't particularly like, simply because I wanted to check out their profiles. How wrong is that?!

Finally, checking Facebook regularly has brought home to me the fact that practically every one of my law school classmates has a baby. I knew about several of these babies already, but have learned of at least four or five others born to people with whom I do not maintain contact solely because of Facebook. There's nothing I need more than another reminder that I am one of the last childless people I know.

Damn you, Facebook!

Now if you'll excuse me. . . . I need to update my status. . . .


TUWABVB said...

I just recently received a "friend request" from an ex-boyfriend from law school. To put it midly, We did NOT have an amicable break-up. I even had the whole mentality that maybe he really watned to be my friend - then I looked at his profile and realized that he had over 100 friends. So I hit "ignore" with no regrets!

Land family said...

HA HA @ tuwabvb. I avoid facebook for that reason in particular. I have an ex that is constantly trolling for exgirfriends. He and "friends" from the past that I don't wish to be in touch with, are the only people who ever seem to find me on classmates or myspace so I don't bother.