Friday, November 14, 2008

14 days 'til the wedding

On my way back to the office from a deposition early this afternoon, I had a bit of a minor panic attack thinking of all the things I need to accomplish before I leave town ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. (I'm not flying to Maui until 11/24, but will be in Vegas visiting my sis & her family the previous weekend.)

I don't have the heart or the energy to provide even an abbreviated list of what must be accomplished in the next less-than-seven days. Suffice it to say: I am going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and I will still likely end up having to put some things--probably work-related ones--off until my return. (Simply because the personal stuff is "non-negotiable" and MUST be done before I leave.) And the vast majority of these tasks are things that *I* alone must do and cannot be delegated.

In spite of my too-long to-do list, I still had to spend time on the email and phone this afternoon with my wedding coordinator and her florist discussing my bouquet. (The Bouquet Problem is an issue worthy of its own blog post, if only I had the time and energy. My fingers are crossed that it's been resolved and will be the only wedding-related problem!)

And now am I putting my nose to the grindstone and cranking out some much-needed work product? Nope, I'm blogging.

[sigh] Sometimes I wonder about me. . . . .

Wouldn't actually getting some work done be more productive than blogging with a racing heart and shallow breathing? When will I learn?!


TUWABVB said...

You will get it all done...just remember to revise the list as the deadline draws near. If there are things that simply won't get done and they don't need to get down, move them down the list. No need to make yourself crazy - especially at such a happy, happy time in your life! :)