Sunday, November 02, 2008


Because it was our first Halloween in the new house--in a new subdivision--we decided the wisest course of action would be for us to stay home and see how many trick-or-treaters we'd get. After a slow start, we ended up getting 30-35 kids.

Sebastian, dressed as an angel, greeted the kiddies at the door with me and was well-received by all but one little girl who looked to be about 16-18 months old; she didn't see him until she stepped forward with her candy basket and got scared when she saw him.

Sebastian resting on his dog bed during a lull in the action

Waiting on the dining area tile for the doorbell. Doesn't his look seem to say "Why are you torturing me?" This shot affords the best view of his wings.

On alert, facing the front door

MM and Sebastian posing with our jack o' lanterns and ghoul

MM and his ghoul. The ghoul's eyes flashed red when you pushed a button; it took me several shots to capture the red eyes.

The ghoul on his own. He was actually pretty creepy: in addition to the flashing red eyes, his tattered linens moved with even the slightest breeze. He freaked me out several mornings on my way to fitness boot camp!

The jack o' lanterns I carved for the occasion. I had a Golden Retriever head pattern, but it looked too hard and I wussed out! ;-)


Kristi Marie said...

The pumpkins can be very difficult to carve, Rob and I went through the same problem with the original design we wanted to use.

Sebastian is so cute in his angel costume!!

Valerie said...

I love Sebastian as an angel. I'm so happy for you guys. Happy first Halloween in your new house! lol (BTW, the landscaping looks great, too; I'm just too lazy to comment twice. ;))

Emily Canady said...

Oh my goodness, Sebastian looks so freaking cute.... thank you for sharing these photos, I LOVE them.