Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Counting down

It's just a little over 48 hours now before I fly to Vegas for the weekend to visit V and her family. Although this visit could hardly come at a less convenient time for me--seeing as how it's right before I leave for Maui and my wedding--I am really looking forward to seeing my sister and my nephew!

I continue to plug away at my "to do" list. Focusing at work has become harder today as my mind shifts more toward getting prepared for my trips. (I'll be packing for both tomorrow night.) I still have three projects that I must complete before I leave and several others that I should complete, if time permits.

I've actually been calmer this week than last. I think the fact that I got a lot of things checked off my personal "to do" list over the weekend is a big part of the reason. Also, I've just arrived at the conclusion that, hey, these trips and this wedding are gonna happen whether I finish everything I need to do first or not. The inevitability of it all.

I am super-excited about finally seeing Hawaii and about marrying MM. Spending the time with him on vacation will be even sweeter because we haven't spent much "quality time" alone together, what with my busy schedule and my mom being in town.

We'll be married in just a little over 9 days!! ;-)


Emily Canady said...

Wow, 9 days and you are a married woman... congratulations, I am so happy for you. And yes, how fun to be going on two trips, but I understand the stress level is probably pretty high there, but you sound like you are managing it pretty well. It will indeed all happen whether you are ready or not, so just enjoy it. I expect to see lots of photos. I love Hawaii so much :)

Wyatt & Co. said...

Go, Sharon, go!