Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wake me up when September ends

207.6 (ugh)

I haven't written an entry for a while. . . primarily because I don't really have much about which to write. Life is clipping along pretty much as normal.

My eating has been so-so. I am complying with the Core plan about half the time. Unfortunately, I am probably consuming in excess of the 35 points allowed for the week of non-Core foods, and I know I'm not eating enough fruits & veggies (though I'm making an effort). I went to the grocery store on Monday night and bought healthful provisions. . . but I've still not been 100% Core-compliant.

I had three consecutive weeks when I couldn't make it to my usual Weight Watchers meeting due to the move, depositions, etc. So now I haven't gone to a meeting in four weeks. But my work friend (who goes with me) and I plan to go back next Tuesday.

MM and I are doing our usual 3-times-a-week workouts. Each session I do 25-30 minutes on either the elliptical trainer or the treadmill and some upper body work: either assisted pull-ups and triceps dips or free weights. Nothing new or exciting.

I am at the point in my cycle where I should know within the next few days whether I am pregnant or not. I am guessing that I'm not--no pessimism, just realistic knowledge of the odds per cycle--and if that is the case, I've decided that I am going to do that fitness boot camp this next month. (It'd probably be safe to do even if I were pregnant, but I wouldn't want to take any chances.)

The fitness boot camp starts on Monday October 6. I will do it three days a week at 5:30 a.m. (ugh!), and continue my three days a week of gym workouts with MM. Surely six days a week of exercise should make me lose some weight!! I know there is no way I'd get up that early on my own to exercise. . . but somehow I think that if I spend my hard-earned money on it, I will do it.

Our spa is nearing completion! The company called MM today to tell him that there is only one more step in the construction process. They expect it to be finished by the end of the week.

I'll be really glad when the spa is done. . . not only because I want to see how it turns out--and use it, of course--but because then the landscapers can get started. Once the landscaping is done and our ceiling fans are installed (Friday morning), the house will be "finished" except for buying a few more decorative items for the great room. (We did already order some art for one of the walls.)

What else to share? I spent all day last Saturday in Tucson. I drove up to visit M, the little girl with whom I volunteer. She is going through yet another difficult transition in her young life, so I will be seeing her more often for a while. I got to briefly see a couple of friends, too, while I was in town.

Today I am getting an hour-long massage after work. I need it! I am also meeting my friend C for dinner. It'll be good to see her: she is pregnant and gets bigger each time we get together. ;-)

This weekend will be spent de-cluttering/cleaning at my old apartment; working (I'm hella behind); and having a night out with some friends of MM's. Probably slightly more drudgery than fun, but some weekends are like that.

Hard to believe it's almost October. . . .


Land family said...

Wow you are busy! I don't see when the craziness is going to be slowing down for you any time soon either! PVs to you!