Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Movin' on up

(forgot to weigh--oops!)

Lots going on today! MM and I had our walk-through at the new house this morning, and it went well. There are a few minor things--mostly cosmetic--that need to be repaired, but not much. Our home inspector only found a handful of things, too, so it shouldn't take long for the builder to fix them.

I am super excited about moving in! NOT super excited about the process--because everyone knows how much moving sucks A$$--but thrilled to be living in our new home. It's even nicer for me because I've never owned my own home before, I've never lived in a brand-new house, and I've never moved into any home knowing that I could stay as long as I wanted (and would likely stay at least 5-6 years). Woohoo!

The movers will be at my apartment between 7:30 and 8:00 tomorrow morning, and there are several things that need to happen before then. I have a few things left to pack, and we are taking Sebastian to stay with MM's parents this evening so that he'll be out of the way during the move and all the deliveries and installations over the next two days. (I'm going to miss my boy!) Plus MM and I need to get organized because quite a few things in my apartment are not going to the new house. . . or at least aren't going tomorrow with the movers. (One way of slightly reducing my workload and stress level related to the move has been that we have decided to pay out my lease--which ends in November--instead of breaking it. The cost to us is the same, and this will allow me to deal with odds and ends and everything that I'm giving away in the next 8-9 weeks.)

After supervising the loading of my belongings tomorrow morning, I will drive up to our new community and pick up our keys while MM accompanies the movers to his storage room to get his stuff. I plan to take a few of my more valuable or fragile items with me in my car and will move them in while I wait for MM and the movers to arrive. Specifically, I really need to make sure that my computer and modem are there and turned on in the appropriate room before the cable guy arrives; I can't go too long without my internet connection, especially if I need to work from home.

I will likely end up spending the entire day at the house and not going to work at all. It'll likely be close to noon by the time the movers are done. We're expecting the cable guy and someone from the gas company in the afternoon, and I want to get as much unpacking done as possible. (In typical fashion, MM thinks we should get all the unpacking done on Wednesday.)

MM will be taking Thursday off as well because there are more deliveries scheduled: refrigerator, washer/dryer, new sectional for great room, ceiling fans, and a few other things I can't remember at the moment. He's so good to take care of all this for us!

Will update again soon. . .


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the move and enjoy your new home, yay!

Valerie said...

I'm so excited for you! And jealous about the new house. :) Have a great day!

Rona said...

yeah for a new house!!