Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boot camp?

207.2 (better)

Not much to report. A big case that I've been involved in settled yesterday. It was a very good outcome for our client. That case was responsible for a lot of my billing in May and June especially and would've resulted in lots more billables in a few months if we'd gone to trial. But it was a case that needed to be settled: a verdict at trial could've been in the tens of millions of dollar.

Construction on our spa started yesterday, a day ahead of schedule. I'll be excited when it's complete and the landscaping can be done. The yards look pretty crappy at the moment: they are both just plain reddish-brown dirt.

I hit the gym with MM last night as planned. I am considering signing up for a 4-week boot camp. There is one starting on October 6. If I go three days a week (MWF), it will cost just over $200. I think that might be just what I need to kick my a$$ into gear. And I could still work out with MM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday.

The main downside to the boot camp? It starts at 5:30 a.m. Ugh. On the other hand, though, it would give me plenty of time to get done, get home, and get to work, even on days when I have an early meeting or hearing.

That's about the news here. Nothing really exciting going on! No news is good news, I guess. ;-)


Valerie said...

Do it! I wish I had before the Beast. Now I covet every possible moment of sleep. :)

Kristi Marie said...

That sounds like SWAT Adventure Boot Camp. Good luck - I hope you do better than I did. That stuff is really intense!

Alli said...

And just think how good you will feel getting in that work out in the am you know?

Land family said...

Oh man! I couldn't function getting up that early every day! I'm sure it would be an incredible dayum!

Cindy said...

I shot you an email about the bood camp I did, but I totally suggest doing it. I did 3 months worth and got the most out of the first month. It's new and exciting and you don't feel you can cheat. Getting up early is hard. REALLY hard. I must confess that I'd go to my bootcamp (also at 5:30) be home by 6:45 and back in bed by 7:00. I'd sleep till 8:30 or so then go into work - a bad habit, but the only way I could get in enough sleep with my noctrunal life.

3 days a week also sounds doable. Mine was 4-5 days a week and it was really tough on Monday knowing you wouldn't be able to sleep in again till Saturday.

Do and let us know how it goes!