Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One week

209.2 [sigh]

It's depressing how just one week of poor food choices and less exercise than usual can lead to a significant gain. . . . while one week of "good" behavior rarely goes far.

It's been 6 days since we moved in to our house. In those 6 days, I've eaten out much more than usual and not made all healthy choices. I've only made it to the gym once. On some days, I haven't even had enough water. . . which is a healthy habit I usually maintain even when I'm not trying to lose weight.

I am slowly getting back on track, but I do mean slowly. I skipped breakfast this morning because I needed to come to work earlier than usual. Now it's 9:15, I'm starving, and the office is serving breakfast pastries in honor of those with September birthdays at 10:00. Yeah, I could say that I'm going to pass on the pastries and eat some of the instant oatmeal I have in my drawer. . . but I'd be kidding myself. I'm gonna have pastries.

Well, I did bring a healthy lunch, and MM and I will be going to the gym this evening. (We've had to switch to a different gym location, though, and I'm not sure yet how busy it is at 7:00 pm.) Dinner will likely be a healthier option, too. So as I say, slowly getting back on track.

I've felt much more sluggish and unfocused since allowing lots of carbs to creep back into my diet, too. You would think that this would spur me to go back to eating Core/SB style. . . but I just haven't put in the planning that's required.

Other than eating/exercise, life is fine. We are pretty much settled into our new house. The only "must buy" items left are art for the living room and master bedroom. (I already own lots of things that I like, but MM wants us to choose things together that we will both like.) Ground-breaking on our spa should start this week. Work is busy, but not crazy.

This coming weekend I will likely be going to Tucson to visit my CASA child. There has been some drama there, but nothing I can write about on my blog. Suffice it to say that this poor 8-year-old girl is going through yet another difficult transition in her young life. Sunday MM and I may go to his parents' house for dinner. No other plans made, and I doubt I'll have time for much else.

Oh, I did want to mention one thing: I found sparkly flip-flops to match the dress I bought for the wedding! I actually bought 2 pairs because I couldn't decide between two styles. Together the 2 pairs of flip-flops cost just over $5. My entire wedding outfit is going to be less than $40! LOL


Land family said...

Wow on the wedding ensemble. I won't tell you what I spent and it probably didn't even look that great! :(

I'm amazed at how shitty I feel from carbs and sugar too. One would think that alone would deter me from falling back on my old ways? But? Not so much.

Unfortunately we tend to neglect ourselves during times of stress!

Take it easy and be good to you!

Kristi Marie said...

Don't get discouraged. I used to become very disappointed in myself when I'd make the wrong food choice. But you can only dwell on it for only so long. Tomorrow is a new day.

Spa, huh? That sounds utterly relaxing.