Friday, September 26, 2008

Another stolen meme

My favorite age: hmmm. I'll say "in my 30s," because it's been my best decade yet and I can't pick just one year in there!
My best friend: MM would want me to say him, but I'd say KC. . . unless canines qualify, and then it'd be Sebastian.
My celebrity crush: Conor Jackson of the Arizona Diamondbacks
My defining characteristic: Intelligence
My most evil moment: Hmmm. I honestly can't think of anything I've done that I'd classify as "evil."
My favorite food: green chile chicken enchiladas (with hot genuine Hatch green chiles)
My grossest injury: I sliced into my left index finger a little over a year ago while cutting an avocado.
My biggest hatred: stupid people.
My most illegal activity: letting my dog run in the park unleashed (yeah, I'm a rebel).
My need for justice: I am outraged by anyone who harms a child!
My most knowledgeable field: oddly enough, I'd say relationships.
My life’s goal: to make a difference.
My mother’s influence: she taught me to make lists and to never forget to commemorate loved ones' birthdays and special occasions with a card.
My nerdiest point: Uh. . . my whole life I've been nerdy! I guess I'll say high school.
My oldest memory: at age 2, sitting on the back stoop of the house I lived in from age 2 to age 5 after being punished for having a potty-training "accident."
My perfect date: Being with someone who makes me laugh and talking into the wee hours. . . the setting wouldn't matter much.
My unanswered question: Why are we here?
My random fact: I like raisins, but hate raisin bread.
My stupidest decision: not breaking up with SL when I first knew he had a drinking problem.
My favorite television show: Friends
My style of underwear: Hip huggers
My favorite vegetable: Zucchini
My weakest trait: I am overly critical and have unrealistically high expectations of people and situations.
My X-men power: time travel
My strongest yearning: in general, to live a life of purpose. I also yearn to be a mother.
My moment of Zen: petting Sebastian in the evenings.