Monday, July 21, 2008

MM sold his house

I want to write a long entry about our weekend, etc., complete with photos, but am not quite sure when I'll get around to it.  I did want to post a quick update, though.

MM accepted the offer on his house yesterday.  He is now in the ten-day waiting period during which the buyer will get her inspection.  It's highly unlikely that anything out of the ordinary will be found, but we'll see.

Closing is on August 15th.  MM is already house-shopping in earnest for us, and we are meeting with a lender this week.  Once the sale is complete, we will have money for our down payment, so it shouldn't be long before we buy our house together!

I am both excited and nervous at the propect.  ;-)


K said...

Congratulations to MM! That is great news. And that seemed rather quickly, too. I've heard horror stories from people who have had their houses on the market for quite a while.

Good luck with house hunting! It's all very exciting!

I'm looking forward to reading your blog about this past weekend, and seeing your pics, so I hope you get a chance to write it sometime soon :)

Give Sebastian an ear rub from me :)