Thursday, July 17, 2008

The next step


Two tidbits of news:
  • MM got an offer on his house last night!  It wasn't *quite* what he wanted, but it was close.  He submitted a counter-offer today, and we are optimistic that they will be to come to an agreement.  So MM and I may be buying our home together sooner rather than later!

  • I've decided to do a week-long "cleanse" (ala Oprah and  For seven days, I will give up alcohol, caffeine, sugar, gluten, and animal products.  Honestly, I rarely drink, so giving up alcohol is no hardship.  I've cut back my caffeine consumption to 1-2 cups of coffee a week, so that shouldn't be too bad.  Sugar will be a little tough, but I've given it up before to do Phase I of the South Beach Diet.  The real challenges will be gluten and animal products.  It's hard for me to imagine no chicken, no dairy, no eggs!  Still, I'm excited to try something new.  I am only going to do this for 7 days because I know it will be difficult.  I plan on starting on July 28 because I'll need time to plan and 7 days during which I can make all my meals myself.


Mo said...

There's totally no way I could pull that cleanse off. I'd have to give up beer and coffee and I think my body would revolt. More power to ya, sistah! I hope it goes well and congrats on MM's offer!

Valerie said...

I hope they accept the counter-offer. Have a great time in Mexico!