Monday, December 10, 2007

The Crackberry


I am sitting in a not-very-interesting deposition and thought I would take advantage of my new Blackberry and write an entry.

Yes, I am now a Blackberry user. MM gave me the Blackberry for Xmas; he wanted to give to me early so we activated it last Saturday while we were out Xmas shopping.

It is a very generous gift and I'm having fun with it. Of course, its cost exceeded our agreed-upon spending limit, so I will be upgrading his gift accordingly. ;)

Things are going well with MM. He went with me to my attorney holiday dinner on Saturday night. He actually liked my colleagues (and it seems the feeling is mutual) and our meal was excellent. The only small downside was that the dinner lasted two hours longer than we thought it would, so we barely made a cameo (20 minutes tops) at MM's friend's holiday party.

Tomorrow I am flying to Santa Ana, CA, to attend a deposition. MM is taking me to the airport. Awwww.

Not much else to report. This week will be hella busy: in addition to all my work tasks, I have social commitments every evening. And Friday we fly to Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap - Santa Ana is in my hood. It's like 10 miles away at MOST.