Tuesday, December 04, 2007


213.6 (ugh)
How sad is it that I am not dissatisfied enough with the weight above to eschew all fast food and hit the treadmill for an hour tonight? Why do I find this weight acceptable? (sigh)
I was out of commission most of yesterday with a migraine. I started getting a migraine Saturday night, about an hour or so into the ASU-UA football game. Unfortunately, I'd made the fateful decision to leave my purse at home. . . which meant I'd also left my ibuprofen and Imitrex at home. By the time I was able to take some medications, about 4 hours after the headache started, I felt miserable. I continue to have some headache pain (though no other migraine symptoms) on Sunday. I went to bed thinking I'd be 100% in the morning, though.
Um, no. I woke up before 6:00 on Monday morning with a full-on migraine: visual disturbance, horrible pain, nausea, light sensitivity, the works. I had to stay home from work. I took a huge dose of my drugs and lay in bed suffering for almost two hours before finally dozing off. I then slept until almost 2:00. I didn't feel totally back to normal until almost bedtime.
I'm not entirely sure what caused this migraine (or was it two separate migraines?), but I was miserable.
On a side note, MM was quite concerned and solicitous about my headache(s). He is a sweetheart. Things are going quite well with us. We are going to Zoo Lights tomorrow evening and are already making plans to spend NYE together. :-)
Anyway, as I was lying on the couch vegging out on Sunday evening, trying to recover, I somehow got into watching a reality show on CMT about women trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (or "DCC," as they call themselves). Any of my friends would tell you that I have an aversion to reality television: I have never voluntarily watched an episode of Survivor or American Idol, and I have been known to ask MM to change the channel if he turns out A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila or I Love New York. Not sure exactly what it was about this DCC show that appealed to me, but I watched 4 consecutive episodes, 2 hours' worth.
One sad girl got "cut" because of her "problem" tummy/midsection. She looked normal to me--and had a body fat of 15%--she weighed 138 lbs, but that was "too big for the uniform," apparently. Most of the women had body fat percentages between 10 and 12%. When Ms. 15% had her body fat measured, the fitness guy told her she was "the biggest one coming through here."
How warped is it that even an unhealthy body fat percentage of 15% is "too fat" for the DCC? (My understanding is that 22-25% is normal for a woman; 17-22% if she's "athletic.") Anyway. . . . I'd have given a lot to look as good as the "fat" girl. LOL
I do want to get back to exercising regularly. My energy level has been for sh1t lately. Perhaps I will hit the treadmill this evening. . . . there's nothing stopping me but laziness. ;-)