Monday, December 24, 2007


?? (away from home, so away from the scale)

I'm in New Mexico at my dad's. He and I just returned from a two-mile walk on a nearby wilderness path. That distance, which would normally take me about 35 minutes, took over an hour with Dad; still, it was good to get outside and get some activity. We also took their two old dogs (ages 14 and 10), who had a great time.

No big plans for today. I think my dad and stepmom will be doing some food preparations to get a start on tomorrow's Xmas dinner later. I plan to read and relax and spend time with Dad.

I miss MM. We have actually talked on the phone three times since he dropped me at the airport on Saturday afternoon. He is working until 3:00 today, then heading over to spend Xmas Eve with his parents. I will see him tomorrow evening.