Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post #280

?? (didn't weigh again this morning)
As I logged in, I happened to notice that this is my 280th post. When I started this blog, I honestly did not think I would keep it up this long. Who knew? It seems that I will actually get to 300 posts some time early next year.
I arrived home a little after 7:30 last night. MM picked me up at the airport, as planned. He spent the evening--and the night--at my place. It was great to be with him again. I will say, though, that his spending the night at my apartment felt a little strange to both of us. Although we have spent over 10 nights together (not sure of the exact number, 12 or 13?), prior to last night, they had all been at his house due to his allergy to Sebastian.
Even though Sebastian was not there, MM still got congested, sneezy, and itchy at my place. Not nearly as bad as when Sebastian *is* there, but still symptomatic.
With my assistance in getting started, MM loaded about 30 songs on his new iPod last night. (He wanted to use my computer because his is old/slow and he has a dial-up connection, so the downloads would take forever.) He is going to bring me some of his CDs and a list of more songs he wants so that I can finish up for him later in the week.
When I think about it, I really marvel at how well things are going with us. We are so much alike in some ways. . . . but in ways that are good, I think: we understand each other. I never get tired of being with him either. Of course, it's early days yet. . . . but with me, there are plenty of men who have not made it to the 3-month mark. LOL
I almost hesitate to write this in here. . . . because then I feel somehow committed. . . . but I have been mulling over the idea of doing the South Beach diet (again) after New Year's. My sister had asked me to do it with her (long distance), and I am feeling really unhappy about my weight. I know that most New Year's resolutions fail, but I also know that I started Weight Watchers in January 2003 as a New Year's resolutino and ended up losing 35 lbs over the next four months.
I actually have a lot of energy and feel great when I eat South Beach style: only healthy carbs; no alcohol, sweets, or white flour; lots of lean protein and veggies. I could use the extra energy. :)
Well, I am not committed to this idea yet. . . . still kicking it around in my head.
I enjoyed seeing my dad and his family for Christmas, but it's also nice to be back home and to my usual routine.