Saturday, June 30, 2007


Why is it that I spend so little time doing things I genuinely enjoy? One of those things is singing. I sing pretty much every day. I sing in the shower, in the car, in my office. Songs pop into my head constantly, even if I'm not listening to music, and I sing little snippets of them. I've done it for years.

Modesty aside, I have a pretty good voice. Not great, but I can carry a tune, and lots of people over the years have commented that they like my singing. (*Aside: S never liked my singing. Or he said he did, but never complimented my singing and made weird faces when I sang.)

Tonight I went out to karaoke with some friends. I have not sung karaoke in years! I cannot even remember the last time. . . I know for sure that it was before I moved to Tucson, because I can't recall ever going out to karaoke here before tonight. It's odd to me that something I enjoy doing I haven't done in such a long time.

Going out to sing reminds anew, too, that I still want to get involved in a singing group. I have visited and been interested in joining, the Sweet Adelines. Once I am in Phoenix, I will have to find a group there and go to a practice session. I should be able to make time for a couple of hours one night a week, even with the new job and it's longer hours.