Friday, June 15, 2007

Post and dash. . . .

I am house/dogsitting for my old roommate as of Wednesday, so I don't have access to a computer at home. (K & J have laptops, but they are security encrypted b/c of their jobs in the defense industry, so I can't use them.) So I'm jotting off a quick post here at work before heading off to court.
I have been having a pretty good week, eating- & exercise-wise. Last night I ate out at a Mexican restaurant, and I know I ate a little bigger portion than I would on a normal night. . . but I also only ate 6-7 chips and ordered an entree that is much lower in fat than my usual preference. Last night's dinner aside, my eating has been JC-compliant and on track. I've also walked on my lunch hour twice this week (& plan to go again today), plus went for a longer (45-minute) walk on Monday evening. So I'm hoping to see a loss on the scale on Monday.
Not much planned for the weekend. It will be kind of nice to just have a low key couple of days and relax. On Wednesday the 20th I leave on vacation. I may come in to the office for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday to prepare some things for my absence.