Thursday, June 07, 2007

Old flame


I didn't write a blog entry after my weekly Jenny Craig weigh in on Tuesday because I gained. The scale showed a gain primarily because I did a stupid, stupid thing: I ate a huge blueberry muffin and drank a chai tea 2 hours before weigh in. I truly do not think that I actually had a significant gain. . . but it clearly wasn't a loss either.

Lots of little things have happened this week. I am going to have a roommate for the next two months or so. Long story short, an acquaintance called and is looking for a place to stay temporarily while she & her spouse sort out some marital issues. It's odd how it all came to pass, but I think it will work out fine. . . our living arrangement, that is; I truly have no idea how (or if) her marital issues will resolve themselves.

I've heard nothing from the attorney who interviewed me last Friday. Meanwhile, I have another job interview in Phoenix next Wednesday morning. I also received a follow-up question regarding an online application I filed with the City of Phoenix a few weeks ago. And my friend V gave her boss my resume, and he has asked me to apply online for an opening they have. So, God willing, I may have another job before Labor Day.

Definitely not taking anything for less than $65K a year, though. I am past wanting a change just for the sake of a change; I am looking to improve my financial situation.

My mom is back in her Indiana hometown for her 45th high school reunion. Too cute. It sounds like she is having fun.

I heard from my friend (ex-boyfriend) R today. I was a bit worried about him; we had talked in late March when I broke up with S, then in early May I mailed him a letter that was returned to me undeliverable. Turns out his wife changed jobs and they moved to Wichita, KS. It was good to talk with him and find out where he is.

An old flame from college ("J") tracked me down this week via one of those reunion websites. I have thought of him often over the years, but have not seen or spoken to him in over 13 years. Coincidentally, he is moving to Phoenix next week to go to dental school, after being a CPA for the past 15 years and living in DC for 10 of those 15 years. He has suggested we get together once he is settled, as I am only about 100 miles away.

I have to assume J just wants to get reacquainted with an old friend, but I could not help but get excited when I read his email. I carried a torch for this guy for a long time back in the day. And the timing of his getting in touch with me seems very fortuitous. Had things not ended with S, I would now be celebrating 2 months of marriage to him. Had we not broken up, I never would have been on any of these reunion websites looking for old friends, and thus would not even have known that J was searching for me. If something happens with J, in a weird way, it would make some sense for me of the trauma I have gone through in the past two and a half months.

When J & I dated, I used to dream of marrying him. We were both too young--I 22, he 23--and he was not looking for a life partner at that time. But he was perfect for me on so many levels; he was just one of those people with whom I felt an almost immediate rapport from the first time we met.

In any event, I am trying not to be too giddy and romantic about the whole thing and get my hopes up. But I will be happy to see him and catch up. We will see.