Friday, June 22, 2007

What a difference three months makes. . . .

I am at my sister's house in northen Virginia, outside DC, spending some quality time with my adorable 7-month-old nephew. Normally he spends his weekdays with his paternal grandmother, but I wanted to have a day alone with him during my visit here. He really is a wonderfully easy baby. . . and SO cute!!
I believe I have blogged about looking for a new job. . . primarily for financial reasons. I got a job offer today. It is a position with a small (less than 10 lawyers) private firm in Phoenix that does solely insurance defense and medical malpractice. I think I will like the firm; there doesn't seem to be the typical firm snootiness and all the lawyers I've met there so far have been friendly and nice.
I'm going to take the position. As I see it, there is only one downside: I will be working 50% more hours than I currently work. But as they are also going to be pay me just a little more than 50% more, it will even out.
I have mixed feelings about moving to Phoenix. I've lived there before, and I don't dislike the city. I will really miss Tucson, though, as well as my friends here. I have lived here longer than anywhere else I've lived as an adult, six-and-a-half years.
Well, change is good. My post title: three months ago, I was living with S, about to be married, and had no plans to relocate. Now I am single again, changing jobs, and moving to Phoenix in July. Life is certainly unpredictable!