Saturday, June 02, 2007



What is it about buying new things that lifts our spirits? I've blogged before about how much I loathe shopping for clothes. On the other hand, I enjoy shopping for home furnishings and gifts for friends and family. And I even like getting new clothes. . . though I dislike looking for them.

My friend V is staying with me this weekend. She is in town to attend the wedding of a friend of hers. We spent the day hanging out: took the dog for a long walk, then ran a few errands, got Starbucks coffee, and went shopping in a little upscale outdoor mall and had a delicious sushi lunch there. I rarely go to this shopping center, as most of the stores are places where I cannot afford to shop; however, I needed to return a wedding registry gift at the Crate & Barrel. On the home back to my place, we stopped off at Kohl's, where I bought myself a new purse, towels, a blouse.

At Crate & Barrel, I could only get store credit, so I treated myself to some new wineglasses, a cork remover, and a couple other small items. I have browsed C&B many times, but never buy anything there because I can't afford it.

I also bought Sebastian a cool stuffed toy (50% off!) that says "I'm a canine genius!"--when I saw it, I felt he just *had* to have it--as well as a retriever roll stuffed with peanut butter.

As I was transferring my stuff to the new purse and unpacking my purchases, it surprised me how much of a lift seeing these new items in my home gave me. I guess this is why so many people make a hobby of shopping.

I had my job interview yesterday afternoon, and I think it went pretty well. I should know early next week whether they will make me an offer. If I am offered the position, and they are willing to pay my asking price (a little over $10K more than I currently earn), I will most likely take the job.

I have mixed feelings about the prospect of leaving my current job. I've been at that office for three and a half years, the first year as a law student clerk. I have so many friends within the office, and I genuinely like the people with whom I work. Also, I do like my job on the whole. I've always liked the feeling that the work I do is providing a valuable service to the community. . . and that feeling would certainly be lacking in private practice, I think.

At the same time, just earning that much more $$ would make such a difference to my financial life. On the balance, I really think I have to change jobs in order to live the life I want to live.

Not much else to report. Eating has been eh. Sushi is not the worst thing in the world to have for lunch. . . . but I know I have eaten a little bit more than I should've these past couple of days.