Thursday, March 30, 2006

Exciting news!

Well, not MY exciting news, but I am excited about it nonetheless.

I am going to be an aunt! My sister found out in the past few days that she is pregnant. She & her husband have been halfheartedly trying to conceive for over 2 years (they've been married almost 3), so this is a long-awaited event.

She is not very far along--her due date is November 21st--and I realize there are many things that could still go awry at this early stage. Still, I am excited: both for them and for myself!

I should clarify. I actually have several nieces and nephews through my step-siblings. However, V is my only sister; we grew up together and have the same mother and father. So this little niece/nephew will be my first biological niece/nephew.

Another unusual event this week: I heard from my ex-boyfriend R. We have been broken up for years (nearly 10, actually), but have always remained friends and kept in touch sporadically. I even attended his wedding 5 1/2 years ago.

R called to wish my a happy (belated) birthday. He is a very busy guy: his wife is a medical director at a busy suburban hospital, and they have 2 little girls under age 2, as well as her 15-year-old son. Due to his wife's demands at work, R is the primary caretaker for their two young daughters and also works part-time and goes to school part-time. So his plate is pretty full, and I wasn't remotely offended that he didn't send me a card or call me on my actual birthday.

It was great to talk to R. It makes me really happy to hear how well he is doing; he seems happy with his life. (I always knew he'd make a great dad.) By coincidence, he now lives about 20 minutes away from my sister (over 3000 miles from me). So I promised that when I fly out to see her & the new baby late this fall, I will come to visit him and his family.

All in all, I'm in quite a good mood today. The week is more than half over, and lots of good things are happening around me. I hope this can be a productive day as well.