Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So anyway. . . .

211.8 (at home)
212.4 (official JC WI)

I am a day late weighing in this week--had to go out of town for a deposition yesterday--and still only down 0.3 lbs from last week. Honestly? Given the level of effort I put into my eating last week, I'll take it.

My week started out well, and I did make it to the gym four times. . . . but I ate four more meals out than I'd planned--I actually ate more dinners & lunches out than on plan--and I didn't always make the best choices. (Witness last night's stop at In N Out Burger on the way home from Tucson and the pasta I ordered last Saturday when grilled salmon & vegetables was available instead.)

So what is the take-home lesson from last week? For one thing, I need to be better about adjusting when plans change, interfering with my planned menu for the day. On at least two occasions, I could've made a healthier choice and did not. I also still need to eat more fruits and vegetables; I got in at least 5 servings most days but could've done better.

On the other hand, I'm not going to beat myself up. Overall, I am generally making better choices, and even the "slips" I had this week were not as bad as they could've been. For instance, yes, I ate In N Out Burger last night, but I got a single burger, rather than my usual double, and drank a diet soda rather than my usual Dr Pepper or lemonade. I could've ordered pasta with a cream sauce or cheese but instead I opted for pasta with shrimp in an arrabiata sauce.

And let's face it: I am faced with temptations every day and am trying to overcome years of bad habits, so lasting change isn't going to happen overnight.

Moving forward. . . . .